Plan A: Accelerate

SO… Lots to catch this blog up on.

The class show went really well, at least from my perspective. We clicked enough and for once when I was up there I didn’t feel that sensation of ‘treading water’ I’m all too used to. I had a lot of fun, too and hopefully now have some great collaborators to play with in future.

The following weekend was Mark’s leaving party, which presented another opportunity to perform thaet was really enjoyable, this time an Armando off of some monologues from Mark. See? I do forms with first names now. Yeah.

This weekend I saw the delightful Project 2 (featuring Katy Schutte and Jonathan Monkhouse) and Premiere as part of the 2013 Improfest at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town. My MissImp colleagues and I played this festival last year – it was good to go as an audience member and really take it in. Also an unexpected treat to bump into the folks from Birmingham’s Foghorn Improv – who have been gracious improv hosts to me on more than one occasion.

Seeing both shows got me all inspired and  thinking about the sort of show I’d like to do, and I’ve got the seeds of and idea I really like that I can play with – so we’ll see how that pans out.

Now it’s all about the hunt for talented, enthusiastic players who have time, similar taste in fun and a penchant for big ideas…

Sometimes I don’t make things easy for myself.


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