And on the seventh day, he improvised…

I’ve got my Beltzmann class show this Sunday – my first in London, and only my second live longform. Nervous excitement is of course natural. What I’m most keen to know, though, is whether we’ve built enough trust in each other in these few short sessions to pull off something worthwhile. There’s clearly talent in the class, and toward the end of last Sunday we seemed to reach a tipping in working as an ensemble. I’ve never really experienced that in as big a group as this. Until now, I’ve been used to playing in mostly 2-3 player scenes – not a great deal of back line/side support. It’s been heartening, though. I want more of this. For reals.

Then there’s the other big question in my mind: having spent the time working toward ensemblehood, will any of us still want to play together after this? Will any of us have the nerve or inclination to overcome the Great British Reserve enough to say something like “Yeah, I kinda like your stuff – wanna do something later?” It’s difficult to say, but we’ll see.

Sunday will decide all – I just want us all to have a laugh.


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